11 Worst Foods That Should Be Avoided If You Don’t Want A Belly Fat

Fat on your stomach is the best indicator that your health is threatened. If you are a woman waist circumference should not be higher than 90, and if you are a man 101.5 inches. If you move these values, this is the food you need to immediately expel from the menu.


1. Refined grains

Common examples of refined grain white rice, white bread and white pasta. Unlike whole grains, refined been modified from its natural shape and dramatically increase the chances of weight gain.

2. Whole milk or 2% milk

Most know that whole milk is bad for the line, but it reduced fat and calorie is a lot of fat, so it will affect the appearance of the stomach if consumed regularly.

3. Carbonated beverages

Regardless of whether it is classic or dietary versions, if you are drinking the fat on your stomach inevitable result.

4. Muffins

You should be aware that one muffin contains about 500 calories, and more than half the recommended daily amount of sugar.

5. Cheese

Cheese is a good source of calcium, but it is also a source of high levels of saturated fat. Even small amounts of cheese can contain half the recommended daily intake of fat.

6. All foods that contain trans fats

Even small amounts of trans fats can affect your health, but also an increase in belly fat. Foods that commonly contain trans fats are bakery products, microwave popcorn, and fried foods.

7. Processed meat

Salami, hot dogs and sausages can be tempting, but it is best to avoid them if you want a flat stomach.
Processed meats are rich in calories and saturated fats, and are one of the most common causes of weight gain.

8. Chips

Potato chips come in dozens of different flavors and is one of the most popular forms of food for comfort. However, your stomach will be grateful as you eat it. It is very caloric ii full of salt, and a source of trans fats.

9. Any food with refined sugar

Foods rich in refined sugar has little nutritional value and is full of empty calories that increase blood glucose levels.
Refined sugars are one of the best known sources of simple carbohydrates, which stimulate the body to accumulate fat in the abdominal area.

10. Alcohol

All types of alcohol will leave the consequences to the appearance of your abdomen. Alcohol will slow down the body to burn fat and sugars preventing lipid oxidation. It also contains empty calories.

11. Salt

Finally, even though the salt will not affect the weight gain in the abdominal region, consuming large amounts of food and drinks that contain high amount of sodium may create the impression that you have a fat belly.
The problem is that salt retains water in the body, and most of it will be visible in the abdominal area of the body so that you are swollen and fuzzy.

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