Summer Heats Begins. How to Protect Yourself?

High summer temperatures require adaptation to diet and fluid intake. To determine the amount of fluid to be fed every day, divide the weight expressed in kilograms with 8, and you get the number of cups of fluid that should be consumed.

Protect from the summer heats drinking water

It is recommended to starting the day with a glass of lemon juice, which has a refreshing effect and at the same time it stimulates digestion. Also, mint tea is useful, which stimulates the liver and pancreas. Freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables are great during the summer heat. Also, good choices are cool and fresh soups, salads and vegetables.

For main meals, priority should be given to fish, chicken and turkey meat prepared with olive oil.

Food supplements with beta carotene and biotin are great for the skin in the summer and make healthier and more resistant to sunlight and external influences.

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