3 Rules You Should Respected If You Want to Lose Weight!

If you follow these three key rules, you will have the perfect start to the day, which will help reduce excess weight.

These rules can affect the weight loss. See what the key rules are relating to breakfast.


1. Take breakfast when you wake up


Use the potential of the body to burn fat and eat as soon as you become more precisely, no later than one hour after awakening. Thus encouraging metabolism and avoid hunger pangs later.


THIS commodity makes miracle of your body: Drink this tea 10 days – you will lose weight and lose cellulite.


Flaxseed cleanses the body of toxins and brings metabolism to normal, lowers blood sugar levels and reduces appetite. Absorb certain ingredients food, cleans the intestines and also nourishes the body with lecithin.


The thing is that the fatty acids it provides flaxseed, activate the work of sebaceous cells in the body, helping in melting excess fat in the body. It is therefore ideal for weight loss.


It helps excess weight loss and maintenance of weight to normal.


Flaxseed tea can help in a healthy way to lose weight without dieting and famines, and efficient if you just want to maintain the desired weight.


2. Drink more protein and less sugar


Good food may look tempting and ideal for the first meal of the day, but not the best choice. This food has more calories and gives you less energy. Therefore consume products rich in protein: eggs and pastry flour from whole grain cereals.


3. Eat a banana


Breakfast rich in resistant starch (a special type of starch digested more slowly and increases the feeling of fullness) helps us to burn more calories because it activates the body to use fat to give us energy. This starch is in bananas and the oat flakes.


LOVE BANANAS? Then many will easily melt in the abdomen


There is no person who does not want a healthy body and sculpted figure. However the modern lifestyle, which often involves improper diet and insufficient physical activity, leads to the accumulation of fatty deposits and long-term obesity.


Those people who are disciplined and decisive targeting regular exercise, although most tend towards simpler and faster solution. If you are in the latter group, know that there is a completely natural drink that gives results after only 7 days.


The secret ingredient is banana, which contributes proven to detoxify the body. This fruit when combined with other ingredients that suit as flex and spinach, effectively melt fat from the abdomen.

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