4 Beauty Tips From Miranda Kerr

Fortunately, this model is selfless and happy to share their beauty tips with all.

One of the most beautiful women in the world, considered to be the most beautiful body of what we put into it, and the time is not just about food, but also the positive thoughts! Here are highlights of the 4 key beauty tips from Miranda Kerr.


Liquid, liquid and liquid again

Before breakfast, Miranda drinks lukewarm water with a little lemon. During the day, be sure to drink a green juice, containing cucumber, celery, lemon, kale and aloe Vera, as well as energy shoothie with various fruits. Moreover, a lot of water is required.


The bottom line is the regular removal of dead cells from the skin, make it bright and delicate.

– I love the brush body and use them daily from head to toe – Miranda Kerr says. – After that, we immediately feel great and my skin is perfectly smooth.

Do regular exercise

– Without exercise there is no result- Miranda says.

– If you do not get to the gym, you can practice at home, but it is important not to skip the gym.

Miranda says she often uses a variety of DVD-eve with training, and her favorite is the Al Sears, which suggests a short but intense workout. In just 12 minutes, go to squats, push-ups and all the most important exercises.

Do not be afraid to eat

It is important to eat as healthy, but that does not mean we should not forget all the goodies that do not fall into the category. Miranda says she loves muffins and eats them at least twice a week.

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