4 Fruits That Whiten Your Teeth

Delicious, healthy and they will bring you bright smile, so now discover the 4 fruits worth to eat everyday.



Perhaps the fruit of banana has no such an effect, but therefore the bark can perfectly let you whiten your teeth. With the inner part of the bark rub your teeth for 2-3 minutes, then wash with toothpaste. Repeat the procedure a few days to see the first results.



For strawberries and their power whitening the teeth certainly have you heard long ago, so take a large serving today. They contain fruit acids that prevent deposits from food and beverages.


Surely your grandparents have told you how the apple is a natural toothbrush. And they are right! When chewing apple the slices are ranging between teeth and gums, and mouth creates a new kind of saliva which cleans the teeth of bacteria and neutralizes acids.


The acid from the citrus fruits, especially lemon, in itself has enzymes that kill bacteria that create the unpleasant smell. Additionally, lemon contains acids that destroy stains and food debris from the teeth.

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