4 Rules to Keep Up the Intimate Hygiene in Summer

The increased temperatures, hot summer days brings frequently sweating especially in the intimate area of our body. That’s why it is necessary to carefully care about your body.

There are 4 rules to keep up the hygiene of intimate area that should be taken.



1. Use soap without fragrances

Thanks to the ability of vaginal self cleaning of dirts, it is the best way to use only plain water. However, if you don’t want to give up from the use of soaps and gels, then it is the best to choose neutral ones that will not damage the microflora. If you have problems with unpleasant odor it is the best to visit a gynecologist.

2. Carefully choose your underwear

It is recommended to avoid the panties with lace, satin and synthetic materials in the summer. This underwear retains moisture in the intimate area and due to heat it can cause fungal infections. The best choice is a panties made by cotton.

3. Use a good intimate wet wipes

Always have with yourself wet wipesfor your intimate care. They need to be a neutral pH, doesn’t contain alcohol and to be biodegradable.

4. Be careful with internal hair

Negative phenomenon of intimate waxing are internal hairs that there is no woman could ever wish when it’s time to wear a bathing suit. To prevent the occurrence of internal hairs it is the best two days after depilation to make peeling to the intimate area.

Never try to pluck your hairs because of this the bacteria on your hands could be transmit to the intimate area and there is a possibility of bacterial and fungal infections.

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