5 Most Important Minerals for the Functioning Of Your Body

Increased demand or reduced intake, regardless of the mechanism of the lack of minerals is done, it can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms. Here’s our list of the five most important minerals that you should take care that you enter them in sufficient quantities.
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Calcium surely connects to the solid and healthy bones. And of course you’re right, but calcium has yet a lot of other functions in the body, as a carrier signal to the nervous system, blood coagulation, enzyme regulator, regulation of blood pressure. Also has a role to maximizing the effect of some vitamins and it is very useful in the ejection of heavy metals such as lead. So be sure to use milk and dairy products, as well as green vegetables such as spinach.


Sodium is always associated with a lack of it in fact. While fanatically cheering that was not exaggerating, we must not be fanatics with no input of this mineral. One important function is that it maintains the water balance in the body, signals between nerve cells and the formation of muscle contraction and relaxation.


Although rarely hear about it, this mineral is still one of the key factors when it comes to converting food into energy. In addition it has an important role in maintaining the pH in the body, otherwise distort the pH balance disruption occur basic processes in the organism. The concentration of chlorine carefully regulates the kidneys.


This electrolyte has an important role as well as sodium, in the regulation and distribution of fluids in the body. It acts as a neurotransmitter and it is linked to the creation of kidney stones, and in his absence it occur high blood pressure. Bananas and tomatoes increase potassium.


Part of each cell, a key ingredient for the formation of DNA and every cell membrane. In addition, calcium has effect on the health and strength of bones and teeth. For phosphorus there are important rules to keep protein foods and foods rich in calcium, then the level of this mineral to be at a satisfactory level.

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