6 Secret Signals The Body Sends When We Are Under Stress

The modern lifestyle brings wrong habits, everyday people are exposed to stress, and chronic stress is a dangerous blow to the body that then sends secret signals and symptoms that we need to recognize them in time.

Dr. Stephen E. Hobfol of Rush University Medical Center warns that you should check the hidden symptoms of stress. If you recognize any of them, then it is the right time to find hobbies that you enjoy, that is taking some time for yourself.

signs that body is under stress

Strong period pain

According to a study conducted at Harvard University, women who are under stress have painful periods than those women who are relaxed. Physical activity such exercise may relieve the pain.

Weird dreams

The dreams have a weird impact and can affect on the mood of the people when they wake up. Because of stress, you can have weird dreams and wake up several times at night.

Great desire for sweets

According to research done at the University of Pennsylvania, stress is the biggest culprit of desire for sweets.

Stomach pain

Anxiety and stress cause headache, insomnia, and stomach pain. According to a study conducted on 1,953 men and women found that those people who are under stress are twice as many opportunities to have stomach pain.

Inflamed gums

According to the results of an analysis carried out in Brazil, people under stress have great opportunities to catch periodontitis. The body that is under chronic stress have increased levels of cortisol which affects to the immune system and thus makes it less resistant to bacteria that attack the gums.

Acne that suddenly appears

If you notice acne that suddenly appears, body alerts you that you are under stress.

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