6 Secrets from People Who Never Get Sick!

There are people who never get sick and you may be wondering what their secret is?

No, it is not about possessing superpowers, but the secret lies in the daily habits that help to preserve health and to combat the virus throughout the year.


With a healthy immune system, the human body can get sick once or twice a year, with minor symptoms. If a person is often ill, must seriously review its lifestyle and catered to boost their immunity.

1. Good sleeping

Studies have shown that people that sleep eight hours have even three times less likely to get sick on the people who sleep less than seven hours a day. During sleep, the body rests and regulates levels of the hormone responsible for stress, whose excessive secretion can make the body susceptible to colds.

2. Eat a varied and balanced diet

The body needs useful substances and antioxidants to make it easier to cope with bacteria and viruses. Consume: sweet potato (beta carotene), citrus and peppers (vitamin C), almonds (vitamin E), black grapes and wine (resveratrol) and more fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Encourage the work of intestines

Daily in your body entering bacteria from the external environment, and some of them can cause serious damage to your health. Therefore it is necessary to consume probiotics that contain good bacteria that will help you throughout the seasonal flu and colds.

4. Wash hands at key moments

You do not have to wash your hands every five minutes, but in certain moments – this is crucial: before eating, before and after preparing meals, after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing. The best way to water and soap (rub it around 20 seconds), but keep and antiseptic bag for when you are near water and soap.

5. Hugging

People who have more support from the dear people easier work tirelessly with the problems they face and are less likely to get sick while exposed to viruses because it is scientifically proven that hugging improves immunity.

6. Relax

One study shows that yoga and breathing exercises can improve the immune system and thus reduce the level of stress hormones responsible for many health problems.

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