7 Signs Synchronicity Is Trying To Show You Something

Synchronicity is a term coined by famous psychologist, Carl Jung.  It’s the appearance of “meaningful coincidences” in your daily life that are improbable, ironic and incredibly helpful sometimes.  This phenomenon is a “wink” from the universe, an indicator of your connectedness and intuition.  If you have been experiencing synchronicity, you’ve experienced the right place, at the right time.


While some would say the likelihood of one of the events is suprisingly low, for many individuals synchronicity happens constantly.

It really is a magical occurrence that allows us to know we live open to religious advice and on the correct path.

So, are you experiencing synchronicity? Here are some common examples which could have occurred in your daily life:

1. Working into someone you were just considering, or obtaining a telephone call, text or email from him/her.

2. Randomly sounding something that solves a challenge you’ve been having, while you weren’t looking for this.

Suddenly, an advertising on Tv set or something on the store shelf jumps out at you as though to state “Here! That is precisely what you will need!”

3. Watching a movie or tv set show that has a story line mirroring your own current issues in life.

4. Hearing several strangers out in public areas speaking about something you’ve been considering within your own life.

5. Meeting somebody who can assist you by having a current challenge, arbitrarily, as if they are delivered right to anyone to help.

6. Obtaining a reassuring message out of nowhere, but at the right time.

Throughout a point in time when you could utilize an psychological lift up, perhaps your son or daughter suddenly turns for you and says “I really like you.” You could also open up your email or mailbox and discover a sort and uplifting concept written by a relative or friend.

7. Amazing timing. A very important factor after another is supplied at the right time. Everything lines up properly.

Though these are simply a handful of examples, synchronicity can occur in many regions of your life.  Perhaps you have experienced these synchronicities? Have you got types of other synchronicities?  

source: thespiritscience.net

By Andrea Schulman, Raise Your Vibration Today

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