Are you Suffering from Healers Disease?

Being a healer is a beautiful thing, but it does leave you susceptible to healers disease.

Healers disease effects almost all healers at some point but is often something that they out-grow.

If you are a natural healer or heal for a living, here is all you need to know about healers disease.

Risk Factors

Healers: those who are compassionate, loving, gentle and sensitive to others feelings and emotions. They have a way of listening, giving you time of day and offering valuable and supportive solutions no matter what the issue. Healers are often the go-to person when your life is a mess or when you are in turmoil and natural healers are often quick to drop what they are doing in order to help.


Signs and Symptoms:

  • Putting everyone else’s needs before your own
  • A need to heal others in order to feel validated about yourself
  • An ability to recognize the need to heal in others but not in self
  • Feeling the need to reduce or play down your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and talents in order to make those around you happy or comfortable
  • The need to give and give and then give some more – whether it be time, money or your attention
  • Risking your own health or desires in order to satisfy someone else
  • Feeling under appreciated, taken advantage of or manipulated
  • Attracting people in your life who seem to only speak to you when they want something
  • Finding yourself constantly apologising, forgiving and tolerating others bad behaviour


A healer is always responsible for the manifestation of healers disease however, this is how it usually happens:The healer starts to acknowledge that they have some gifts in terms of healing whether its offering good advice, making a herbal remedy or using energy healing.

1. The healer then starts to practice on others and is pleased with the results and receives praise for their work.

2. The healer than starts to feel validated with their abilities and goes in search of more people to ‘validate’ them.

3. The healer feels uplifted through helping others and continues to give and give and give without expecting anything in return.

4. The healer continues on this path, failing to create boundaries and then ends up feeling depleted.

5. The healer doesn’t know how to stop giving and has created friendships, relationships or even a life around their ability to give and help others.

6. The healer tries to establish boundaries but is met with aggression or retaliation from certain people in their lives who depend on them.

7. The healer ends up depleted, drained or even depressed.

Side Effects:

  • Feeling drained, depleted or low in energy
  • Feeling frustrated, annoyed or angry
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inability to trust in natural healing abilities
  • Feeling blocked, stuck or unable to move forward
  • Feeling under-appreciated or unloved
  • Feeling overly sensitive or highly emotional
  • Feeling unsupported or unmotivated
  • Attracting energy suckers or energetic vampires
  • Feeling burdened or rejecting healing gifts
  • Healing for the ‘wrong’ reasons


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