Are you Suffering from Healers Disease?

Giving up healing as a form of validation

When you have a natural talent or gift for something, it can be easy to use it as a form of validation. This means that you use it as a way to enhance your self-esteem or self-image in order to feel important or worthy.

There is of course a beauty and need in being a healer, however your healing work should not be a way to validate yourself to others.

This usually manifests as you gravitating towards relationships or friendships where your primary purpose is to ‘save’ them from someone or something.

If you find yourself in this trap, the good news is that you can easily work your way out of it using positive thinking, affirmations and by diverting your attention inwards.

You are enough and you do not need your healing gifts to validate who you are or to make you feel any more worthy. Your healing gifts simply add to the beauty that is already within.

Setting boundaries 

As a healer it is extremely important to set boundaries. This means that at times, you are going to have to say no to people and events.

As a healer saying no often comes with a lot of guilt however, it is crucial if you want to be able to maintain and respect your gifts.

Constructing boundaries as a healer are often intuitive and the more you begin to trust your own inner voice and wisdom, the more fluid your boundary setting will become.

However, if you constantly find yourself being used as a doormat or you have a hard time acknowledging your boundaries, take time out to be clear about what you are willing to accept and then stick to your ‘formula’ until you can develop a rhythm.

Self love and honouring your gifts 

As a healer, you must understand that your gifts are powerful and treat them with respect.

This also includes learning how to love and acknowledge your gifts by using them on yourself or being grateful for your talents.

While self-healing is almost always harder than healing others, it is definitely something to practice in order to enhance your own gifts.

As a healer, you should also spend time each day clearing out your own baggage and fears in order to not only serve others but also yourself.

Also, at any time as a healer know that it is your right to put your gifts on the shelf and take a rest and relax whenever you need.

Learning how to receive 

When it comes to healing there must be an exchange. It doesn’t always have to be financial, but there always needs to be some form of acknowledged energetic exchange, even if it is just pure energy and joy in your heart for doing the work.

Too often however, healers find themselves giving and giving without receiving because there is a stigma around this kind of work that it should be compassionately given without expecting anything in return.

While there is some truth to that, if you heal regularly or have chosen to do it as an occupation, you have to become comfortable in receiving in return in order to bring about the flow of abundance and to stop yourself from feeling drained.

The most important thing with this is to set your intention- why do you want to be a healer? And then work out from there what an appropriate exchange should be.

The good news about healers disease is that it is totally curable with some dutiful action and awareness.

Healers are a gift to this world, and the more we can protect them from falling into this pattern, the better for everyone.


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