Ayurveda: In Your Food Combine All Flavors

Each food has its own flavor profile.

Simple foods such as white sugar have only one taste, but most other foods have at least two: the lemon is sour, sweet and bitter; Carrots are sweet, bitter and astringent; cheese is sweet and tart. Milk is considered to be a complete food because it is, apart from the obvious sweetness, subtle present all six tastes.



This is why Ayurveda recommends drinking milk only, and not in combination with a meal.

But the combination of milk with other fresh food – fruits, grains and sugar – it is still good.

The main food groups revolve around sweet taste, but with five other flavors carefully mixed:

  • Fruit – primarily sweet and sour, while citrus fruits have a sour taste
  • Vegetables – primarily sweet and sour, and green leafy vegetables and has a bitter taste
  • Dairy products – primarily are sweet, while yogurt and cheese contain acidic and sour taste
  • Oils – are primarily cute
  • Grains and nuts – are primarily sweet
  • Pulses – primarily sweet and bitter
  • Herbs – primarily spicy, with all the other flavors that are secondary

It is recommended ayurvedic diet except that sweet taste in every meal you have represented and the other five flavors – sour, bitter, pungent, bitter and salty.

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