Best Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Summer is coming and you still have problems with motivation and the realization of the diets and weight loss? In this case you can use your “smart phone” because it has the best application for you.

In a sea of applications for “smart phones” of course we could not leave out the ones that help you lose weight, so if you are not up to now it’s time to get them.



These applications will help you calculate the number of calories wherever you are, and that is very important when it comes to dietary nutrition. In addition to applications for weight loss and bring you the ones that will help you keep your body in form by practicing.


Best apps for weight loss

1. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker is certainly one of the most popular applications of this type that are currently on the market, it is estimated that more than 300,000 people around the world “stripped” this application from iTunes, and nearly as much with Android Market. Well, why would not you?

This app has everything you need someone who is on a diet. There is a database of over 2 million dietary prescriptions, and the app automatically remembers your favorite foods and recommends those that are similar to them. Many who have used it as an aid in weight loss have only words of praise, and most of the comments on the Android market is positive.

This app can obtain totally free and is supported by all kinds of “smart phone”.


2. Lose it! This is another very popular application specifically designed for owners of the iPhone. This application has a barcode scanner, a database of recipes and a huge database of foods and activities. Users of this application can add certain foods to the database and to track the proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Great, right?

Users say that it is a fault of this application they are planning a meal only once a week and that is in the database difficult to find certain foods.

This application is also free.


3. Fooducate. This application, although it is free, it is not used as often as the previous two, but no less quality. It has a completely different approach to dieting. Its focus is not only on losing weight, but also to changing dietary habits. With this application you can monitor the intake and loss of calories, gives you information about the quality of food, showing all the nutritional value of foods / dishes. It also helps you to compose a shopping list of healthy foods.

The application can use by Android and iPhone smartphone’s owners.


Best fitness apps

1. Endomondo is an application that has millions of users around the world and in 2012 won the award for best innovation in its domain. This application uses GPS to record how much you walked, ran or cycled and will help you to have a clear view of how much you practice. In addition to the application there is Endomondo social network that will connect you with your customers around the world.

The application is free and is supported by all types of smartphones.


2. Nike training club will help you quickly gain form this summer with the famous trainers and over 85 exercises for strengthening, cardio exercises as well as exercises for the core of the body. This application has fabulous facilities for both beginners and for those more advanced. There are detailed instructions and video demonstrations as well as music files.

The application is designed for Apple products and it’s free.


3. Instant heart rate is an app that uses the camera on your phone to help you measure the heart rate and thus determine the level of your exercise. Doing so just place your finger over the camera and the app will on the basis of skin color to tell you how diligently practiced.

It is available for Android and iOS operating systems, and it’s free.

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