Can’t Lose Weight? This Is Your Fault!

Many people who have already decided to change their lifestyle, to physically activate and regulate the diet, still struggling with a lot of slow-melting fat and reducing the number of kilograms.

Then it becomes clear that there is simply a particular problem to be addressed primarily to progress finally became visible, and frustration due to the lack of results less. If you are a person who struggles with the above problem, your problem lies among one of these reasons.



You do not get enough water in the body

The recommended amount of water intake in the body is two liters, and it does not mean that the body look more buff due to the water, or that it will only scales show more weight, but it is the necessary amount for the smooth and healthy functioning of the whole body, and even for higher quality process weight loss. Often dehydration manifest sense of which people misinterpreted as hunger, and to themselves create the problem by destroying the progress in reducing fat deposits.


Avoid drinking water during training

During exercise the body loses fluid, so that it quickly starts to occur a problem of dehydration. Safeguards authorities act so that the water blocks and stored in the body, instead of being released and that is the desire of all the people who work on weight reduction. It is this avoids blockage by water to drink during training periods of rest between sets. Even worse thing that occurs as a natural result of all this is a fierce thirst that made subsequently, after training drink large quantities of water which is a very bad move, viewed from several aspects.


Your diet is too low in protein

Increased hunger and loss of muscle mass is what we all want to avoid, and it is a diet that does not contain enough protein, obtained by these two disastrous effects. Chicken, fish, other meats, beans, nuts and other foods are the main sources of protein intakes each physically active person has to increase if he wants progress to the increase in muscle mass, as well as to reduce body fat and the weight loss.


You feel stressed

Stress is a result of the hormone cortisol, which normally helps the body to prepare for difficult situations and help them overcome. However, when the body a long time compelled to release this, otherwise life-saving hormone, in the long run are starting to report problems with almost every part of the body. This is the case with the process of weight loss that is being disabled because then the body works in the mode of collecting and storing reserves of fat “for a rainy day”, and at the same time increases the very desire for food. Therefore, it is no wonder they call it modern stress killer, since to run even when you simply want to lose weight.

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