Cleanse Your Aura in 5 Steps (Video)!

We may brush our tooth, clean our hands, and bathe our anatomies every day, but not most of us learn how to keep clean energetically.

If we’re living a well-balanced lifestyle, this will happen in a natural way. When we’re overworked, malnourished, and sleep deprived, however, our enthusiastic hygiene can get neglected.

How come this important? Since when we look at our anatomies under a solid enough microscope, we see that we’re essentially composed of atoms — which is energy.

An organism’s energy is not limited to just its physical form but extends outward within an egg shape.

The egg designed energy is exactly what the aura is named by us and it could be observed using Kirlian photography.

Like the body just, the aura must be studied care of to ensure optimum health.


When your aura must be cleansed you might feel:

  • Lethargic
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • A “heavy” sense over or about you

By purifying your aura daily (ultimately each day and nights), you clear yourself of negative energies you’ve found from your environment or the people around you.

When I say “negativity” I’m discussing heavy thoughts from others, daily stresses, thought varieties, cords, and other styles of dynamic phenomena that drain our essential energy.

It is important to note that were designed to experience life and all the wonderful opportunities that include it. “Dirtying” your aura from every day experience is normal… remember to completely clean it!
Below I’ve detailed 5 techniques I find extremely effective in clearing the aura of negative energy:

5. Crystal Work

Black colored Tourmaline is one of the best stones to make use of; it not only cleanses the aura of negativity but also, when worn as a pendant or continued your body anywhere, protects the aura by shielding it from unwanted energy throughout the entire day.

Various other crystals that are excellent for cleaning the aura are fire agate, dark-colored kyanite, smokey quartz, labradorite.

4. Sage or “Smudging”

The smoke from using up sage has been used for quite some time to detox the aura or the surroundings of unwanted energies. It could be purchased for the most part metaphysical stores.

It has a robust cleansing result and after utilizing it on my aura or about my home I usually feel tranquil and renewed.

3. Essential Oils

The best essential oils for bergamot cleaning the aura are, cedarwood, and orange. You can include a few drops of the oils to a carrier engine oil and put it directly to your skin or add it to a nebulizer/diffuser to cleansing both your aura and home/office space.

These essential natural oils specifically are excellent for purifying, grounding, and uplifting the.

2. Sea Sodium Baths

Sodium has been recognized to have a cleaning and balancing influence on the body for a long time. If you are not near an ocean, bathing within an Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt bath can be tremendously relieving and cleansing after having a stressful day.

Sea sodium baths can also help pores and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and soothe sore and achy muscles. Bathing or swimming in salt water cleanses, refreshes, and reenergizes the power body.

1. Enjoying Nature

Engaging in the elements is the most effective way to detox the vitality body perhaps. Although just being outside is effective, fully immersing yourself in nature is the ultimate way to cleanse and ground yourself.

Gardening, walking in the woods, and sitting down with a body of normal water or a bonfire are powerful methods for you to get near nature and clear the aura of negative energy.

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