Control Cholesterol for a Healthier Heart

Fat in the blood vessels can lead to heart attack. With increased values of LDL usually has no symptoms, so the consequences are determined late.

An increased cholesterol level seriously undermines the health and it is one of the most common causes of cardiovascular problems. Cholesterol is a fatty substance and an integral part of cell membranes. It can be good and bad.


Atherosclerosis is the accumulation of fatty substances from the vessel wall, which is followed by inflammation and collection, and the consequences are reduction of blood flow, thrombosis, and can lead to heart attack and stroke. Considering that it is the most common cause of death, eliminating bad cholesterol is the primary task.

Apart from LDL, there are HDL particles, which remove cholesterol from peripheral tissues and blood vessels, transported to the liver and so reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Due to this, they are called good cholesterol.

Poor choice of food is the main reason for the increase of bad cholesterol. Insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables and too much animal food that contains a high concentration of saturated fat, over time leads to a disruption in the body. To this does not happen, above all, should be avoided egg yolk, oily meat, skin from poultry and full-fat dairy products.

An increased concentration of LDL can cause genetic disorders. Sometimes it is very pronounced, so many family members may in the early years of developing cardiovascular disease. The thickness is also an important risk factor for such problems and diabetes and the operation of the thyroid gland.

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