DASH Diet – The Best Diet for 2015

DASH diet is officially the best diet of this year, say US scientists! DASH is actually an acronym for: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension- as it was originally “focused” on reducing blood pressure and blood fat is not a negligible impact even in diabetes.


The DASH diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, and excludes salty foods and red meat, focuses on grains whole grains, lean meat, fish, poultry, nuts and beans.

If you are looking for the best diet after overeating for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, you should try the DASH diet, which was declared as the best diet for 2015. It prevails vegetables, grains and low fat dairy products, and the best diet was declared the fifth consecutive year.

It is designed to lower blood pressure and people suffering from diabetes, and those who want to eat healthy food.

– Our specialists who are doing research came to the conclusion that with this diet lose pounds because of a balanced food – said Angela Haupt, editor of US News and World Report.

What DASH diet makes it special? It is rich in fruits and vegetables and excludes salty foods and red meat, and focuses on grains, lean meats, fish, chicken and nuts. It contains foods rich in fiber and lowers cholesterol and facilitates weight loss.

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