Do You Want A Flat Stomach? Here Are Tips For You!

So many women have desire for a flat stomach, as it has models and actresses, and most of all athletes. Of course, we do not think the ladies who would like to, and never even think about it to stop drinking Coca-Cola and similar habits, but the ones that are really something tried and failed.



The first thing to do is to demolish the myth of the exercise. Only exercise can’t straighten belly and melt away fat in some parts, but the most of the work done in the kitchen and in the supermarket when choosing foods.

Some of the most important rules that should be respected, and that in the end lead to the fulfillment of a long desired wishes are:


Avoiding difficult to digest foods

It is logical that decomposition of this food takes a long time and that the decomposition of fatty and very sweet foods must have an effect on the outer appearance. The same food the most builds fat and that is a special problem to be seriously consider.


Avoiding salt

Salt retains water in the body and cause bloating. Therefore strongly salted foods are able to slightly change the appearance of most of the body. The recommended daily amount is 1,500 mg and do your best to be as close to her.


Entering a sufficient amount of fiber

Foods rich in fiber, usually rich and full range of important and healthy nutrients. Fibers found in vegetables, fruits and grains are not soluble elements, and have the function of cleaning organs of digestion in which figuratively speaking his room fill the space, and of which it is not possible to gain weight.


Entering enough water

Each cell of the body contains water, and the correct operation of all parts of the body by the fact that it is connected. Decreased water intake disrupts levels of potassium and sodium, and also entered the water helps fiber to properly do their job.


Avoiding artificial sweeteners

These are chemical substances that can not even be fully digested, so the bacteria in the colon ferment, all this leads to the formation of gases and increase flatulence. These sweeteners is the most easily reached by consuming products “without sugar”.


Entering sufficient quantities of potassium

Micronutrient which has a great role in the removal of excess water from the body, and whose discharge often resolves the problem of unevenness stomach. Bananas and potatoes are the best sources of potassium.

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