Exercise That Predicts How Long You Will Live (VIDEO)!

If you do not practice and do not care about healthy eating chances are that it will be later in life affect your health.

Now you can check how much damage you have made your body, bad habits with only one exercise.

Specifically, Dr. Claudio Gil Arujo from Brazil created the practice that reveals how healthy you are and how long you will live.


This exercise is called SRT (Sitting rizing test) and it can be said that this is the home version of the stress test when performed by doctors to assess the true state of health of the patient.


Dr Arujo this test devised by following some older patients, most of which could no problem to run on a treadmill, but they had problems with some of the most basic actions such as tying shoelaces. He concluded that it is not only the ability but also the strength, balance and flexibility.


The main basis of this exercise is to sit down and try to pick up without hands, and the results are scored points from 1 to 10. If your final result of three lower and that means that you are in very bad shape and you’re under five times higher risk of death over the next five to six years.


It may seem simplistic around for a rise from the floor, but you should know that the points very easily take away. If you can help when getting up and kicks you take away two points, if you lose balance, that you half a point less, and for every point it means less and 21 percent higher risk of death.


Before try this exercise, wear comfortable clothes and shoes or go barefoot. If you happen to have problems with painful knees have someone to be with you and try.


Watch this video with detailed explanations.

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