Exercises for Bigger and Firmer Chest!

A large number of women are dissatisfied with the size and scope of their chest, but for luck, instead of surgery and surgical procedures, there are alternative solutions. Repeat these four exercises every day to develop muscles exactly the way you want.



Exercises on the bench with weights

Lie on a bench with extended hands and with one weight in each hand. Lower the weights until you get in a straight line to the sternum, and then return to starting position. Do ten repetitions.



Climb up to the tops of the toes and on the palms, and slowly lower to the floor. Remember, visible results will come, but you have to do it right. Do ten repetitions.


Exercises with weights on incline bench

The bench should be at a slight angle (15-30 degrees) and your feet on the floor. Take weights and hold them over your shoulder, with straighten hands. Slowly lower your hands until you get a straight line with the chest. Make a small break, and then return to the starting position. Do ten repetitions.


Flight with weights

Lie on a flat bench and your feet are on the ground. Lift weights and bend your elbows, then spread your hands in line with your chest. Hands should constantly be bent. Do ten repetitions, then rest 90 seconds.

Repeat the third and fourth exercise once again.

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