Find Out Why Natural Fresh Honey Is Better Than The Best Antibiotic (VIDEO)

Although the discovery of penicillin and other antibiotics has introduced a revolution in the health care system, unfortunately, more and more bacteria become resistant to these drugs. Therefore, humanity urgently needs to find an alternative. Apparently, the solution for all of us to return to the nature.

Although our ancestors did not know anything about the tiny microorganisms that attack the immune system, since time immemorial, it was known that the freshly extracted honey cure for many diseases. Now there is medical evidence that bee products in the future, could we replace antibiotics.


Examining the bees, researchers from Sweden’s Lund University have succeeded in fresh honey isolated from 13 benign species of lactic acid bacteria. All these honey bacteria together, they could be in the future constitute the active ingredient in many anti-microbial drugs.

Further tests showed that these 13 types of bacteria, when these bacteria are together, and are great fighter against germs resistant to antibiotics, such as “staphylococcus aureus” (resistant to methicillin), “pseudomonas aeruginosa” and “enterococcus” (resistant to vancomycin). Simply, in the laboratory they are powerful ingredients of honey embezzling all attackers.

Not yet have done testing honey bacteria to the people, but they are tested on the wounded or injured horses. It turns out that the wounds of these precious animals healed more quickly if they were primed with fresh honey full of these tiny organisms.


When you take an antibiotic, usually in a pill it is only one active substance, which is only effective against some types of bacteria. However, if the patient gave all 13 species of lactic acid bacteria of bees, they could be on-site creating the right type of compounds that could overcome the micro-predators. Unfortunately, the honey from the store no longer live beneficial bacteria, and therefore it is not so much used for men – explained one of the study authors Tobias Olofsson.

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