Five Signs That Indicate You Have a Lack of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most difficult to enter in sufficient quantities, so they often need to run a lot of attention to nutrition.

Vitamin D is found in butter, milk, sea fish… So, if you notice at least two of these symptoms, it is necessary often to go into the food.

Drowsiness-Lack of Vitamin D

Muscle Weakness

If you feel muscle weakness, and not exercising enough or you are not active, there is a lack of vitamin D in the muscles.


According to a scientific study, people with low levels of vitamin D in the body often suffer from depression, because it encourages the impact of hormone happiness.


According to a study finally showed that vitamin D affects sleep, and even if you sleep enough, you feel exhausted.


If you often have a lack of desire for physical activity, it is responsible for vitamin D or its lack. The change of mood is also another sign of the growing need of food rich in vitamin D.

Bone fragility

Vitamin D stimulates bone growth, so if you have a deficiency in the body, your bones shall weaken considerably.

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