Fruit Juices ARE NOT a Substitute for Real Fruit!

Numerous ads promoting fruit juices that are healthy and full of useful ingredients for you and are an excellent replacement for the fruit is pure lie.

Main ingredient of these industrially produced juices is sugar. The amount of sugar is equal as in soft drinks.


Scientists from North Wales came to the conclusion that obese people through strengthened relationships drinks for sweet taste. These juices are not dietary and should immediately be removed from the menu.

Sugar or sweet taste is like a drug! The more sweets intake, it leads to a change of taste receptors and the perception of what is actually sweet. As for taste receptors die, so we need more sugar to experience food as sweet. That this leads to an increase in the number of obese people and those who suffer from diabetes type 2.

Water or natural juices are an excellent source of water is needed because of the body hydration and detoxification.

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