How To Do Up To 100 Push-Ups In A Very Easy Way?

Without a lot of sweat and effort, it came easily to the number of hundreds in a series of push-ups, but with a short program that you can apply, you might realize this challenge with satisfaction as soon as possible. Push-ups are one of the best exercises for building chest, shoulders and arms and performed a hundred push-ups in one series really says a lot about your power and endurance.



But rarely anyone can do it, so we bring you exercise plan that can ease come to this goal. Start with the maximum number of push-ups you can do in one batch. This will be your specific maximum. Every two weeks, retest your maximum.


The first exercise: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Four times in series, do the maximum number of push-ups, and for that take the time that you need. It’s okay if the last two series have a smaller number of push-ups.


The second exercise: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Five times during the day, set the alarm (on every two to three hours is enough). Always when it rings, take a position and do two sets of pushups. First let it be up to the maximum number, rest 45 seconds, so try to make your second set with as many push-ups, but if you can not reach his potential, but as soon as possible.

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