How to Raise Your Frequency 5 Tips

Energy is all around us and connects us together with everyone, every living being, energy is all around the universe. We are all interconnected with energy and frequency. Each of us have a unique frequency, in essence we are part of the same divine radiance which created the infinite cosmos.

We are area of the divine whenever we are in are touch of the sense, being love is our true fact, whenever we are in this second our energy vibrates at a higher occurrence. With positive thoughts and thoughts and by training a wholesome life-style we can support a brighter energy field.

We can also lower our frequency by moving into a state of fear, negativity, parting, or fill our anatomies with unhealthy chemicals like junk food, drugs and alcohol, they are low vibrational which prevents our occurrence and energy and we have a tendency to become clouded and dark.


Our rate of recurrence and energy are magnets which appeals to emotions on the globe to complement our lively field. As we will be the creators of our very own energy, how exactly we have a tendency to treat our selves within and out, we are in charge of our energy and our experience basically. Life doesn’t just eventually us, its our outer experience reflect our inner state. Listed below are 5 tips how to improve your frequency.

1. First tip on how to raise your frequency is to focus on your breath.

This is a terrific way to raise your regularity, doing this will need us directly into our body, peaceful us within and invite us to transfer the energetic existence.

2. Slow down and enjoy the small things in life.

We are undertaking the constant duties always. Personally i think its very important to decelerate, it builds fortitude and allows our energy to be seated moving fast and enabling our energy out alternatively.

3. Knowingly feel your feelings.

Some right times we can products all our thoughts down, if they’re negative rather than very spiritual. In my own view the religious practice is to feel our emotions. The quicker you are feeling and process your emotions, the quicker they could be released by us. Being heading and real human through all our sense is the step way to the divine.

4. Use a mantra

I find mantras are incredibly beneficial to keep your brain from any conditioned values. They help us to come back to your true being, mantras hold a vibrational consistency which spreads throughout your body also.

5. Develop Compassion.

Our energy is something we released in to the global world. It could either uplift others or drain them. Whenever we start to note this connection and exactly how our energy impact others then we can commence to adopt more responsibility of the we hand out.



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