How Your Hair To Be Lush And Sexy

Although there are not many people who are naturally thick hair, there are ways to achieve this.



Washing your Hair

Many manufacturers offer special shampoos for increasing hair volume. When washing your hair, focus on roots and with his fingertips firmly massages the head to remove dead skin cells and accumulated fat.

Ideal care

Frequently washing your hair can dry it, and when you wash less often, it is hydrated and not as prone to cracking. To avoid damage and thinning of the hair, use a shampoo without sulfates because they do not contain harsh chemicals. You can also use coconut oil and vitamins that promote the quality of the hair. Warm the oil and apply on the hair with your fingers in a circular motion. Apart from coconut oil, you can use olive, jojoba or almond oil. When applying oil, wet a towel with hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap it around the hair. Repeat once a week to encourage the growth of hair and that hair was thicker and stronger.

The perfect hairstyle

When you dry the hair, do so by going head facing down. Hair experts use this trick when drying curly hair. Hot air hair dryer will raise the hair at the roots and give it a look of density and volume.


If you want to achieve volume, avoid completely straight hair. Stepwise haircut is ideal for people with thin hair. Bob and bangs also give the impression of thicker hair.

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