Important Rules For Sunbathing That You Have To Obey

The sunbathing season is coming.  Many people now try to catch tan, but tanning should be treated with caution.

Statistics show that an increasing number of people have skin problems due to the effects of sunbathing. Unfortunately, there is a greater number of malignant diseases that can result in death. Experts point out that all this can be avoided if you will be a little careful. Sunbathing is no longer what it was and now applies the new rules. Learn them and keep your health.


Be sure to prepare the skin for the sun!

Before sun exposure, the skin should be well prepared. This does not mean going to the tanning bed, but a good scrub and clean. Preparation is important because it removes dead epithelial cells, increases circulation and promotes skin regeneration. After peeling, the skin should be treated using creams that contain vitamin C, A and E, and coenzyme Q10. Such creams skin well hydrated and will increase its elasticity.

Don’t go anywhere without sunscreen

It goes without mentioning that sunscreens necessity. It is the best to use one with a high SPF. However, those are not almighty, so they should be applied every time you step out of the water and generally every two hours, regardless of whether you are swimming. In fact, over time, the active ingredients creams are starting to fall apart so it is important that you need often to rub on.

You need eye protection

Many people from the sun do not think about the eyes, but it is important to protect them. Quality sunglasses that protect against UV rays are very important. It would be good that you have a hat on your head with a wider rim. Poor quality glasses without UV protection could cost you dearly, and health should still be in the first place.

Avoid the sun from 11 am to 16 pm

Harmful radiation is most intense in period from 11 to 16 hours. Therefore, at this time you should avoid sun exposure. No matter how strong are protective creams, some of the harmful effects of these five hours during the day will not protect you. The only protection is that in this time completely avoid the sun.

Required care after sunbathing

Caring for your skin does not end with the departure of the beach. It is very important that after sunbathing and swimming to take a shower. After that, apply to the skin a moisturizer rich in vitamins. In this way, the skin will keep moisture and elasticity.

And nutrition plays an important role

To avoid dehydration, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Experts say to not drink less than two liters per day. Water is the best, and sometimes the green juices. You must pay attention to the food. Let it be light food, with lots of fruits and vegetables. The body will also be prepared for the challenges of the heat and sun.

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