Is It Better To Shower With Cold Or Hot Water?

Depending on your habits and metabolism, each type of shower has its health advantages.

Discover how your daily routine affects on your body and when you need a cold, and when hot shower.


Advantages of the shower with hot water

The hot water relieves muscle pain. Let the water flows through your shoulders, neck and back to ease the pain in these parts.

Some studies have proven that shower with hot water stimulates the secretion of the hormone of happiness and reduces stress levels. Therefore, after a long and busy day best choice is the hot shower.

Advantages of the shower with cold water

Also, the hot water will help you beat all colds and flu. It can even facilitate coughing and chest pain.

Cold water is an excellent source of energy. Only 5 minute cold shower can change your body temperature to reduce fatigue and encourage concentration.

Studies have shown that showering with cold water for 2-3 minutes can alleviate depression.

Cold water is also good for your hair and skin. The hot water can dry out your hair while cold helps in hydration and is an excellent prevention of cracked tops.

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