Is Your Body Older Than You?

There are signs that indicate that your body is older than you, so make sure you recognize some of them.

Being in the thirties, it really means that you’re still young. But is your body young? Studies show that more people are physically older than his age. What is the reason? Poor lifestyle – unhealthy diet, moving, stress, alcohol, smoking … There are signs that indicate that your body is older than you, so make sure you recognize some of them.

Is your body older than you

Problems with teeth

Somewhat tarnished teeth are normal between the ages of 30 and 50 years. Normally at this age is considered an occasional loss of enamel and sometimes inflammation of the gums. But it is not normal that your teeth fall out or nod, that hurts jaw or you bleeding gums. In such situations it is important to visit a dentist and, of course, maintain regular hygiene.

Blurred eyesight

After 45 years, most people purchased glasses because they can’t read the fine print, and this is normal. But it is not normal if the ages of 30 and 50 years can’t clearly see the faces or your eyesight field becomes limited as you are in the tunnel. If you are faced with such symptoms, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Joint pain

If you are between 30 and 50 years, and backache and joint pain tormenting you just sometimes the pain is not fixed, you can consider that your health is fine. But if you’re at that age sore joints and back when you wear something in your hands or when you get up, you should see a doctor. These symptoms indicate that in your joints and back started something happen. In this situation it is important to consult a physician.

Problems with memory

That sometimes forget someone’s name, or you can’t remember where you left the keys is completely normal at the age of 30 and 50. It’s not normal if almost every day looking for your car in the parking lot because you can’t remember where you left it, if difficult to recognize faces and colors, or if you accidentally put the keys in the refrigerator. Memory problems are part of the aging process, but if you notice that indeed often forget, this could be an early sign of dementia.

Excessive fatigue during physical activity

Lightweight breathlessness after brisk walking or climbing stairs is perfectly normal in age from 30 to 50 years. But if you enter into this age category, and each had intense physical activity causes you discomfort such as dizziness, severe headache or loss of breath, you should consider visiting a doctor. In fact these problems are not considered normal for this age.

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