Killer Of Fat: This Ingredient Will Help You Get the Desired Figure!

Experts explained that this commodity considerably speeds up metabolism, which enables these positive results in weight loss. 

Cumin usually use only as a spice or ornament when preparing some dishes, and we are not aware of its excellent health effects! Probably not use this spice daily, but soon to start doing it!


The cumin comes from Egypt and is used as food and medicine in the Middle East, India and the Mediterranean since ancient times. It is used to treat anemia, heartburn, indigestion, diabetes, constipation and many other things.

Among other things, cumin is very useful in the process of losing excess weight.

Research of Iran University conducted a study of 88 obese women, where women with overweight were divided into two groups. One group ate yogurt and cumin three grams per day, while the other group had only yogurt.

The group that consumed cumin for three months reduced the weight by almost 15 percent, as the percentage of fat in their body was reduced by the same percentage.


Experts explain that cumin significantly speeds up metabolism, which enables these positive results in weight loss. They concluded that caraway could be a useful treatment for the metabolic syndrome. Reduces fat in blood and blood lipid which also significantly reduced in women who ate cumin.

Triglycerides were also reduced by 23 percent, compared to 5 percent who were seen in the group of women who ate only yogurt. LDL cholesterol was reduced by 10 percent, compared to 1% for the other group.

All this shows that cumin helps in preventing heart disease, diabetes and atherosclerosis, which are associated with elevated triglycerides.

Put the cumin in the diet, so that you add the roasted vegetables, chicken soup or vegetable soup. You can consume the breakfast and add them to the eggs or porridge.

If you still do not know where to start, you can try tea – simply boil a teaspoon of cumin seeds in water and let stand for 10 minutes, then drink it.

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