Look At Your Waist And At Times Prevent Stroke And Heart Attack

Metabolic syndrome, also known as syndrome X or prediabetes can be identified by the excess fat in the abdominal region. People who have it are more susceptible to heart disease, stroke and morbidity from diabetes.


Cardiologist Arthur Agatston says that at first glance may diagnose prediabetes with her patients. Just pay attention to their waist. However, he says that he did not look at it that such a person concerned but the processes that take place in their body.

Specifically, prediabetes is just like diabetes harmful to the arteries. It affects the cardiovascular system, gradually damages the arteries and narrows the lumen which may lead to blockage. Ultimately, increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

So, if you started to accumulate fat around the abdomen and at the same time to have a family member or more who suffer from diabetes, most likely suffer from prediabetes and it’s time to visit your doctor.

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