Medicine hasn’t answer: More than 3,500 seriously ill patients healed by itself

A brain tumor, blindness, chronic diseases, parasites disappear overnight.

No, it is not a fairy tale, but it is the fact of the institutes of mental science which has so far collected more than 3,500 medical records of people whose illness, sometimes in the closing stages, withdrew – by themselves.


Conventional medicine for this phenomenon, which is called “spontaneous withdrawal of the disease” there is still no answer.

What happens to a tumor that any operation can not be removed simply disappear from the human body?

What happens to a person who yesterday could not hold a spoon in his hands today makes lunch for his family and driving the kids to school?

This question correspond to alternative doctors.

They argue that the answer is clear – power of positive thinking or so. placebo effect knows no limit and does what is unthinkable to many – and the most serious diseases makes you win.

And with the help of unusual remedies – love, grateful and pleasure or satisfaction.

These feelings, say alternative doctors, act as private security guards mental and later physical health.

The greatest enemy of man – stress

About 90% of all diseases in the human body causes stress , according to research carried out so far, while the genes, environment and poor living and eating habits are only a minority.

Stress in the life of man enters through the back door – the burden on the everyday work responsibilities, concern for health and safety, sometimes creating chronic psychological pressure and that person is not aware of.

The body does not know the true and false fears, it knows no fear and concern, whether real (someone threatens you physically), or is just a concern for the future.

In this state, the autonomic nervous system still works as protection, is activated in order to address the threat.

Adrenaline and cortisol, which is secreted by the same time accelerate the heart rate, breathing and muscle, blood pressure, and the digestive and reproductive systems put “on hold”.

Where the threat is false, when the cause of the stress concern or fear, when it no longer can escape by jumping over fences or break a wrestling grip, all this enormous energy wasted.

Day after day, this state exhausts the body and comes to the beginning of the problem – the inflammatory process, weakening the immune system and the occurrence of chronic disease because the body and mind can not recover in time.

Without rest, peace, no time to be a man given to self, the body is in a constant stage of exhaustion, which leads to serious medical conditions.

Remedies – love, grateful and joy

So how can an ordinary gesture of grateful can help?

Simple, proven medical phenomena – people who refused medication, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional methods of treating the disease.

They proved that the placebo effect and love, gratitude and satisfaction reversed the effects of stress on the body.

They stimulate the production of protective antibodies, strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation and help the body to fight against disease.

Create stocks that until now have been exhausted and give the body, mind and spirit of the new force.

Naturally act as prevention and therapy at the same time.

These natural cures, free and available to everyone, you can accumulate without fear or harm to the body because it can only help.

And there are a few ways to boost their “production”, if by any chance you do not have enough.

Dr. Cynthia Thalk, cardiologist, says that the love of proven effect on the heart.

“Every thought and every emotion is causing hundreds of thousands of new neuropeptides and hormones that create a symphony of positive or negative effects on the human body” – says, saying that the strengthening of empathy and love has a powerful impact on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Humour is another powerful defense mechanism – is stronger than fear and despair, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. Science confirms that laughter “confuses” receptors responsible for the recognition of pain, and then you feel much milder variants.

At the same time, laughter and joy to encourage the restoration of immunity and enhance confidence.

Alternative Medicine recommended and meditation, which releases tension, stimulates part of the brain responsible for the happiness and positivity, provides higher levels of oxygen in the blood and increases the prana.

Part natural therapist claims that willpower can “persuade” the body of producing leukocytes to a specific disease.

That can help and powerful natural medicines, plants, fruits and vegetables, spices.

But most importantly, say alternative therapists believe that a solution exists.

Because, like stress, which organism feeds, capable of causing disease, such as love, gratitude, security and other positive thoughts, emotions and thoughts are able to renew body and cure it.

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