MUST TRY: Here Are Five Drinks That Melt Pounds !

The secret of weight loss does not consist of adherence to a particular diet, but also it depends what you drink. Hot beverages, such as fruit juices, soft drinks and energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates that can sabotage your weight loss plan.


Unsweetened tea

Green tea is proven to enhance metabolism and accelerates the process of eliminating excess weight. Next to him, they are very effective black and oolong tea. They also contain a large amount of antioxidants that help the body get rid of the toxin. Also, mint tea is very good, as it improves digestion. It is best to drink after a meal.

Black coffee

Morning or afternoon cup of coffee can help in weight loss because it contains caffeine, which can suppress hunger. Also, research shows that coffee stimulates thermogenesis, which heats the body and speeds up the burning of calories. Be careful what and how much you add to coffee – stick to skim milk and minimal amount of sugar.


This you probably know, but it does not hurt to repeat: Water is the best drink for effective weight loss. Whether it is spring or mineral, keep your water will always be the first choice of beverage. And, it does not necessarily have a uniform taste! Put in a glass of water slice of lemon, lime or cucumber and it will get a whole new flavor. Of course, the number of calories will still be nil.

Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice is a great way to body reinvigorated necessary fiber and speed up the weight loss process. It will keep you fuller for a certain time so it is best to drink between meals. It is best to squeeze in the juice extractor, since the factory variants containing salt, sugar and preservatives.


Skimmed milk

Milk is an excellent source of lean protein, vitamin D and calcium, which helps build muscle mass and maintaining the health of bones. Choose skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, in order to provide the body with nutrients mentioned, with minimal amounts of fat. Also, a glass of milk between meals is a great snack that will keep you satiated until the next meal.

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