Organic Panty Liners Recalled After Traces Of Weedkiller Found

Once discovered glyphosate in a large amount of panty liners Organyc brand in Canada and France dropped more than 3,000 boxes now.

This information told Italian producer Corman.


Corman conducted their own analysis as there was reaction from consumers in a French magazine for the presence of glyphosate in cotton products Organyc brand. This is the active ingredient in Roundup weedkiller, produced by agricultural giant Monsanto.

Although there is a small amount of this substance, this  should not be found in organic cotton.

“We do not think it is dangerous, it’s simply a precautionary measure, because our priority is the safety and health of our consumers,” a Corman spokeswoman said.

Corman announced submission of additional carry out investigation in the US and India for these products.


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