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Warning: Excess Vitamin Causes Cancer!

In many cases, the taking of large amounts of the vitamin in the form of additives may be detrimental, because it increases the risk of cancer and other diseases since it is excessively increased...

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Is It Better To Shower With Cold Or Hot Water?

Depending on your habits and metabolism, each type of shower has its health advantages. Discover how your daily routine affects on your body and when you need a cold, and when hot shower. Advantages...

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Miracle Drink That Cures All Diseases

This drink does not cause side effects. It is nutritious and helps if you need to lose weight. You will notice that your immune system has improved after two weeks of using this juice....

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Healthy Ice Cream With A Single Ingredient!

Everything you need for a sweet, creamy and delicious ice cream ready in five minutes is the blender and a single ingredient – frozen bananas! Blended frozen bananas are a perfect vegan substitute for...