Pancakes With Forest Fruit

Ingredients for 4 people:

250gr curd
150ml milk
100gr flour
2 eggs
Red sugar
50 g peak for dessert
200g forest fruit



Tidings berries and put them in a pot, add the 2 tablespoons red sugar and 100 ml water.

Let heats up around 10 ‘in slow fire until the fruit should be soft and syrup.

Break eggs in a bowl, unite curd, flour, starch, milk and a little salt.

First mix all with the wooden spoon after with mixer.

Head a pan with a diameter about 12 cm varnished with a little butter and take over the dough.

After being baked pancakes from one side, we turn on the other side and let them to bake.

We act in the same way with all other donuts or pancakes.

Serve warm by paved one above the other and covered with berries.

Recipe is ready, bon appetite!


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