Recipe Of The Most Popular Ice Cream From Just Three Ingredients

When it comes to ice cream as a favorite dessert in the summer  rarely comes to our mind going into home brewing adventure of this ice enjoyment.

On this idea usually judge the fame about ingredients that we consider necessary for mixing  and  preparation. When you think yourself to make ice cream now it seems very complicated, and therefore we found a recipe that requires only 3 ingredients and they depending on taste and  mood can change.


Ingredients (for 4 scoops):

• Banana

• Strawberries

• Fresh mint leaves


Banana and fresh strawberries freeze them, then bring out  from the freezer and leave them out a few minutes at room temperature, only as you can mix them. Then mix it up in a blender until you get a thick paste. If necessary, add a spoon or two water. Add the mint leaves and mix it up again.

Put the mixture in a bowl, cover and return it to the freezer. Cooled until it becomes solid, and you can remove the scoops with a spoon.


1. The quantity of strawberries and mint leaves put it according to your own taste, if desired you can sweetened the ice cream, but remember  that banana gives a natural sweetness.

2. If you do not eat the hole ice cream you can return to the freezer,  just before serving again take out from the freezer to soften.

3. The basis of this ice cream is banana while the other ingredients you can add in and you can change it. You can add taste, such as chocolate, maybe caramel, icing, different fruits.

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