Sunburn – What Can Be Applied?

If this summer happens to forget to put cream with protection factor or you are simply too pale and nothing helps, there is a cure for unpleasant sunburn.

Burns from the sun is crucial to nurture with cold compressesandhydrating lotions, say experts. It is best to start with cold, calming bath in which you previously added a few teaspoons of baking soda or a cup of oatmeal. For the cooling of sunburn and skin hydration, 15 to 20 minutes are enough. If you do not want to further irritate the skin, avoid sea salt and foam baths.


Wet skin does not wipe with towel, but rather leave it to dry naturally. Totally dry skin must moisten it with aloe vera gel, abundantly, 5 times a day. Repeat the procedure several consecutive days. Instead bath, sunburn can be cooled with potatoes. Leave it 10 minutes to act on the red parts of the skin, and then shower with lukewarm water.

Milder burns you to cherish the rare mixture of water and cornstarch, which regenerates the skin. As first aid against sunburn can also use foods that you find in the fridge – tomato, cucumber, sour milk

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