Symptoms and Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in its initial, early stage is usually asymptomatic. The patient may be noticed painless fortress in the area of cancer. Later signs and symptoms of the disease depend on the local growth of the tumor, its spread of local structures and tissues, as well as the localization of distant metastases.

breast cancer

There are 3 types of symptoms:

  • local symptoms
  • regional symptoms
  • systemic symptoms

Local symptoms

Manifest the presence of tumor in the breast, such as:

  • palpable painless fortress (node),
  • painfully sensitive fortress,
  • indentation of the skin over the tumor,
  • indentation of the nipple,
  • redness of the skin,
  • sore (erosion) of the nipple,
  • secretion of the nipple (which can be, mucous, purulent, lactic and bloody),
  • fixedness of the breast surface, the chest (pectoral) muscle.
  • deformation of the breast

Regional symptoms

Due to spread of cancer to regional lymph nodes.The most commonly affected by metastatic lymph nodes in the armpit and therefore it may occur:

  • painless tumor in the bosom,
  • painfully sensitive tumor in the bosom,
  • tenderness, numbness or swelling of the arm due to a tumor in the bosom.

Systemic symptoms

Manifest the presence of distant metastases in the body, depending upon their location.

The systemic symptoms include: weakness and fatigue, nausea, vomiting, neurological attack, bone pain, wheezing, choking, occurrence of jaundice, swelling and more.

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