The Best Exercises For a Perfect Look Of The Abdomen For Beginners And Advanced

Famous American trainer Joe Dowdell, who has helped many celebrities that ripped body, proposes three exercises for abdominal muscles that will provide you with an enviable line in a bikini.

Instead I suggest your three favorite exercises for abs, I bring three for beginners and three for advanced says Joe Dowdell.


The best exercises for abs – for beginners

1. Pushups

Lie face to the ground. Place your hands on the sponge, let the elbows extended hands are directly below your shoulders. The legs are stretched out on the floor. Raise your body in a straight line (make sure the hips do not hang). Hold position.

2. Pushups aside: Lie on your side

Once the scrunched her hand and legs should be extended, one on the other. Raise the body by correcting a line around the waist, the body is finally in a straight line. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

 3. Pull the elastic rope

For this exercise requires a device or set themselves an elastic rope that you pull toward your chest. Pull the rope so it becomes tense. Then rotate 45 degrees so that you face on the side, in relation to the rope. The odds start to pull the rope to the chest. When performing exercises maintain control so that you drag the bar or rope, and they are not you. The aim of the exercise is to resist rotation.

The best exercises for abs – for advanced

1. Kneeling on one leg elastic rope pull down

Elastic rope is now fixed above you. Kneel on one leg while the other leg resting on the foot. Hands that are slightly apart, grasp the rope and pull down in front of him. Let your hands be extended and abdominal muscles tense. Then kneel on the other leg and repeat a series of exercises

2. Kneeling on one leg elastic rope pull upwards

This exercise is very similar to the previous one, except that this time the elastic cord attached near the floor. The arms should be straight and abdominal muscles tense all the time.

3. Reverse squat in the air

Start by leaning on her hands and knees, while each foot should be placed in the elastic band, ie TRX band (see video below). When they set foot, knee lift from the ground, and hands should be in a similar position pushups. Pump the muscles of the abdomen, back, let them be as straight as possible. Using your abdominal muscles, pull your knees chest. Gently stretch your legs to the starting position

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