The Fastest Diet That Works Immediately

If you ask any woman they would most like to change in your body, most will think twice if he wants a flat stomach or younger facial appearance. And then offer them a solution that guarantees the perfect look in a bikini and restore the years. Just need to throw out the wheat.

The fastest diet that works immediately


Although it sounds too good to be true, according to the British cardiologist Dr. William Davis, all you have to do is throw out food – wheat, carbohydrate which is mistakenly thought to be beneficial to our body.

Wheat can be destructive to the skin because it causes premature aging, and also encourages rashes and acne in adults. And best of all, with this diet you do not have to worry about calories.

How are related wheat and wrinkles?

Wheat causes premature aging of the skin due to a chemical process called glycosylation, which occurs when blood sugar levels are rapidly becoming too high – it just triggers the entry of wheat.

Too much blood sugar glucose molecule further pushes to bind to the protein in the collagen (the protein that gives skin a youthful appearance). There was a sticky brown compound that stiffens the already elastic fibers of the skin and creates stains and wrinkles.

Wheat is therefore prohibited in all that might contain. It would initially might be unthinkable, but with a little preparation, you will get used to and certainly will not starve.

Eat unlimited vegetables, all except potatoes and corn, healthy plant fats (oils), meat, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Try at least two weeks completely out wheat, as time and other carbohydrates from grains – eat only small amounts of quinoa, millet, buckwheat, brown and wild rice and oats (not more than 50 grams of these types of grains per serving).

Eat minimum legumes, cheese and soy. In addition to full-fat cheese, do not consume milk or milk products, except kefir, because the fermentation reduces the effect of increasing the level of insulin.

Eat fruit very sparingly, and it is best not to eat fresh bananas, pineapple, mango and papaya and fruit juices reduced to minimized. Green apple and lemon are a good choice.

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