The Test for Determining the Pregnancy of the Ancient Egyptians

Maybe it sounds unbelievable, but the truth is that even several thousand years ago smart Egyptian had a natural cure for almost every disease would appear, mixing plants, spices, food, and in this way had the home test for determining the pregnancy.

The technique is very simple. Put a grain of sand and grain of barley in a vessel into which you add the urine of a woman who wants to do the test. Cover the bowl with a cloth and leave it until the next day.


If grains sink, meaning that she is pregnant, if they fall mean it is not. There was even a theory according to which more grain sink, so this is how could determine the sex of the child.

Research conducted back in the sixties of the last century have confirmed that the accuracy of this test around 70%, which is nothing less than the accuracy of today’s modern tests for the detection of pregnancy. When it comes to the sex of the child, they could not find any link.

Ancient test is done in the same way as today’s tests work, observe the chemical changes in the urine that are present only in women who are pregnant. If you are not confident enough to test from a pharmacy, try this test, which proved to be accurate in any case so far.

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