This Is Food Which Is Perishable In The Hot Days And Can Be The Cause Of Poisoning

In the summer months the food can be spoiled due to improper maintenance, insufficient thermal processing, bad warehouse.

In perishable foods are considered: milk, dairy products (cheese, curd, sour cream), eggs, sauces, dressing and creams made ​​with eggs and milk.

milk eggs cheese

Ice cream is often the cause of food poisoning, and minced meat and dishes in which they are used (cakes, meat pie, LASAGNA). However, none kind of food should not be avoided. It is enough to take care the groceries to be procured from tested places, to have a controlled descent, to pay attention to hand hygiene, the dishes and the room where food is prepared. Also, ensure that, thermal processing to be long, the food in the fridge properly stored, and finally to avoid repeatedly warming.

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