Three Powerful Fighters Against Cancer

Ideal healthy table consists of 50 percent of vegetables – the rest of the proteins of animal origin, cereals and fats. Three best “fighter” against cancer are fish, broccoli and tomatoes.



Glucose contained in broccoli gives this vegetable tart taste, but also reduce the possibility of malignant cells. This ingredient is very active when chewing and during welding and is extremely effective in the fight against cancer and bladder cancer.


Women who consume too many fatty foods, the risk of cancers of the breast is up to 55 percent. Nutritionists have clearly defined what is “too much”: eating fatty foods more than three times per week .Those who started to deal with fish (three times a week is quite enough), reduce the risk of malignancy, and up to 65 percent. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish are not only trying to prevent the formation of malignant cells, but also hinder the further development of already formed. A patient with cancer, in which the fish is often on the table, there is a big chance that the cancer cells in their body still does not develop.


Red fruits are not only low-calorie (100 g contains od17 to 20 calories), but also very tasty. Tomato is a vegetable that has the highest lycopene, a substance for which this plant is red and serves as a very important protector of the heart and blood vessels. Lycopene may, however, and more – to slow the growth of cancer cells by up to 50 percent – and in combination with vitamin E, which is located in oils and fats of vegetable origin, their growth is reduced up to 70 percent. Its concentration is increased by heat – cooked or thermally processed (for example in the form of ketchup or sauce) tomato is much more effective in fighting cancer than when consumed raw.

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