Tips to Buy Health Insurance Policy

The growing emergence of new diseases and Increasing rapid increase of medical costs that leads to health insurance to be one of the top selling insurance products nowadays.

Because health insurance companies can meet the growing demand, they have offered innovative plans needs.


However you need to carefully choose between the costs and benefits to consumers, to gain maximum health coverage for approved expenses.

Buying health insurance that includes premium depends on the number of family members and their age group. The buyer must check for any restrictions in insurance coverage and choose the one that provides maximum benefits within a reasonable price for it.

To utilize cashless insurance facility, it is important to check the list of empaneled hospitals. This will help avoid any problems in case of emergency. Some insurance companies also offer co-pay and sub-limits in insurance, where the company pays a percentage of the total amount (eg 90 percent) or provides insurance limit for a particular treatment. In such cases, the buyer must pay the rest of the amount.

Until recently, health insurance was popular as a group insurance product which is provided by employers in the organized sector. In that case, the insurance cover may not be good and it depends on the policy of the employer. It is wise by employees to have individual health insurance to be well covered.

Also, check the credibility of the insurance company. It should be certified by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

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