Top 3 Secrets Fitness Trainers Don’t Want To Tell You

Every fitness trainer has his own vision, and his method of approach with which is different from the others. Some of them are “sold” their appearance and physical condition, while others still rely on certifications and education, although the trainer should be something more than that. 


In any case, to be a fitness trainer is also a job just like everyone else, and therefore it is necessary to have paid 12 weekly program of transforming the body to try to figure out what kind of trainer is he.

However, in any case, some of the things a trainer just doesn’t want to tell you, because it ultimately corrupts his job.

1. Flat abdomen is doing in the kitchen

Every trainer has his own way of training the abdominal muscles, but there is only one true method – intake of real food. So because of this, without diet program,  there are no real results. So, what is necessary is to make sure that the trainer devise a meal plan for you, what to eat and when.

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2. You can do it yourself

It is always good to have someone with you at the beginning, in a way that will allow other people to convey a basic knowledge of routine training and the philosophy of creating muscle. If in the meantime you feel that you have the motivation and to be able to try for yourself, you need don’t be afraid and just go for it!


3. Simplicity is the key

Ask any successful fitness model and trainer who are their favorite exercises. Ninety percent of them will tell you the name of one of the big three is: bench press, squat or dead lift. These three exercises are the basic of any good fitness program and each trainer should refer their client to do that. There are simply no secrets or special training.


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