VERY GOOD NEWS: Eating Pizza CAN HELP You Lose Weight

We’re not kidding–and we have the knowledge to establish it.

Bid farewell to food guilt, because “cheat days”–or dealing with yourself to your chosen not-so-healthy-food (pizza, snow cream, poker chips)–is officially a very important thing now, according to a recently available study.


Planned-ahead diet cheating will help you adhere to your healthy diet program for the long term, in doing so resulting in more excess weight damage, relating to a scholarly review presented in the Journal of Consumer Mindset, completed by the Tilburg University in Holland and the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon.

Scientists examined two sets of members: The first was limited by 10,500 calorie consumption per week without cheat days, and the next was limited by 10,500 calories weekly, but were permitted to eat whatever they wished on Sundays (within reason), relating to Men’s Health.

By the end of fourteen days, both combined groupings lost weight, but only the next group was determined to continue and work toward their healthy eating goals.

And everything is practical because really, because these findings stress the value of balance and planning ahead simply. Treating yourself by enjoying your selected foods on occasion will help you achieve long-term success, so long as it’s occasional and mindful, the researchers said.

Choosing when and what you’ll treat you to ultimately ensures it isn’t thoughtlessly happening on a regular basis which those pizza and snow cream servings are within reason. So go on and enjoy that cupcake over a Fri night time after an extended week–you are worthy of it!

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