What Everyone Must Know About Drying Laundry Indoors!

Drying clothes indoors raises the level of moisture in the air for up to 30 percent, thus creating ideal conditions for the development of the fungus, particularly Aspergillus fumigatus, which can easily breathe and ingest.


This fungus is usually not dangerous for healthy people, but for those with impaired immune systems can cause lung infections.

Professor David Denning and medical team in Manchester say that in recent years more and more people are being treated for fungal infections.

“A single batch of laundry in the machine carries up to two liters of water, which is released in the coming hours in the room. Most people are immune to the fungus or a strong enough immune system to contain it” said Denning.


However, people with deteriorated immune system and asthmatics can have problems, as the fungus could cause an infection accompanied by cough and malaise.

In addition, it is not healthy to inhale moisture containing chemicals from detergents and softeners, which after washing will remain in small amounts in the laundry.

The best and healthiest way is drying out the living room (in the yard or on the terrace), and even in winter, while the temperature is above zero. A good alternative is the dryer.

Drying laundry outdoor, especially in spring and summer, and allows the sun drying the clothes, and it is well known that ultraviolet rays kill bacteria and microbes.

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