What is Samadhi? This Amazing Video Will Awaken You From The Illusion Of Separateness


What’s samadhi? Samadhi is whenever your brain is totally immersed in meditation. Your brain becomes the thing of meditation. In samadhi there exists neither meditator or deep breathing. The meditated and meditator, the thinker and the idea, the worshiper and the worshiped become one. The illusion of separateness varnishes.

With samadhi your brain manages to lose it’s own awareness and becomes the thing of meditation. The main one who’s meditating has dissolved their personality in to the sea of general consciousness, their personality no more is available and ignored they are simply just the tool of divine source now.

In samadhi there is absolutely no such thing as experiencing or reading. There is absolutely no physical or mental consciousness. Your brain melts into brahman/universal consciousness.

This is a brief clip from the forthcoming film “Samadhi” is a call to stillness the planet would greatly gain if read. This 9 tiny video tutorial has information which can certainly help you in centering your point of view into universal appreciation.

source: spiritualunite.com

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